And it's gonna be BIG!

Mull Media was birthed in 2018 when two visionaries came together in marriage and decided to merge their creative genius for a greater purpose. Michael and Randi were determined to not just make an apparel line, they wanted to create apparel that had purpose, power, and conversation starting ability. They believe anyone can wear a t-shirt, not everyone can make a statement. 

They started with pieces such as: "Faith over Facts" and "I'd Rather be Saved than Sorry" in 2018. 2020 Inspired a new wave of God's blessing with "B.I.G" to show that we are truly blessed in God. Then, with the unsettling changes in our country, global pandemic and social injustice, more statements were birthed such as: "Covered" facial mask, "Everybody vs Racism", "My Black is Dope", and "#Essential". Every statement piece was made with great thought and attention to detail.

Mull Media desires to stand outside the box and steer clear from cookie cutter designs, which speaks to their drive for unique and custom artwork.  

When you shop Mull Media, you are supporting a Black Owned Business. When you shop Mull Media, you are supporting a family. When you shop Mull Media you are supporting faith. When you shop Mull Media, you are supporting the future. Thank you for partnering with Mull Media to make a statement everywhere you go! 

Mull Media stands in great anticipation for the next and the new. They will continue to provide statements for you to take to your world. Share your truth. Share your faith. Share Mull Media.